Fellowships for Postdoctoral Scholars

New or recent doctoral recipients with research interests associated with the following are encouraged to submit scholarship applications prior to Jan. 5, 2013.

Departments – Awards related to the following areas are anticipated: Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering; Biology; Geology & Geophysics; Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry; Physical Oceanography

Institutes – Each Institute fosters interdisciplinary research addressing critical issues, and will award a scholarship to support related research: Ocean and Climate Change Institute; Coastal Ocean Institute; Deep Ocean Exploration Institute; Ocean Life Institute

The NOAA-WHOI Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region will award a Fellowship in one of five theme areas: Ecosystem Forecasting, Ecosystem Monitoring, Ecosystem Management, Protection and Restoration of Resources, Sustained Ocean Observations and Climate Research.

The National Ocean Sciences AcceleratorMass Spectrometer Facility will award a fellowship in the development and implementation of new techniques in radiocarbon studies in marine science.

Awards are competitive, with primary emphasis placed on research promise. Scholarships are 18-months with an annual stipend of $57,000, a research budget and eligibility for health and dental insurance. Recipients are encouraged to pursue their own research interest in association with resident staff. Communication with potentialWHOI advisors prior to submitting an application is encouraged.

Further information may be obtained at: http://www.whoi.edu/postdoctoral, or by contacting the Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee at: (508) 289-2950, or postdoc@whoi.edu.



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