Experienced Researcher (postdoctoral) position on sediment metabolism and secondary production of macrobenthos as indicators of ecosystem functioning


The University of Athens is seeking an Experienced Researcher to join the Marie Curie Initial Training Network MMMPA.   The selected candidate (Experienced Researcher, ER) will work at the early stages of a project concerning the sediment metabolism and secondary production in a protected brackish water lagoon. The project will be carried out in a Marine Protected Area (Mesolonghi lagoon) and will involve both field and laboratory work. In the field, physical environmental parameters of the water column will be measured in situ, while samples of sediment will be collected and brought to the laboratory for analysis.  Chemical analyses in the water will include Chlorophyll a, SPM, POM, POC. Sediment samples will be analyzed for solid phase (granulometry, wet density, water content, chl-a, TC, TOC, biopolymers) and pore water (TCO2, DIN, PO43- and SiO2) characteristics.  The ER will be hired at the very beginning of the project and will participate in the planning of the work, including sampling strategy, and establishment of laboratory protocols. He/she will also take part in the first sampling trip. The ER’s contribution will be crucial to the initial training of a PhD student, acting as a close supervisor and leading in the first steps of his /her research.  The selected candidate will be given the chance to attend all the training events even beyond their hiring period and may take advantage of the network to increase the breadth of his/her expertise and contacts. Selection procedure and application form are available on the project website http://www.mmmpa.eu

Nr of positions available : 1

Research Fields

 Environmental science – Ecology

Career Stage

 Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Research Profile

 Recognised Researcher (R2)


Salary and benefits will be paid as defined for ERs within Marie Curie Actions, and funds will be available to cover research and training costs. Eligible candidates must meet mobility and recruitment requirements imposed by Marie Curie Actions. The researcher is covered under the social security scheme which is applied to employed workers in Italy, including sickness and maternity benefits in kind, invalidity and accidents at work and occupational diseases, and covering the researcher in every place of implementation of the ITN activities.



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