Research Associate in Physical Oceanography

A position exists for a Post Doctoral Research Associate to join the Ocean Dynamics group at the University of Cambridge. The project will use numerical simulations to study the role of submesoscale dynamics in the formation of mode water at the Subantarctic Front in the Southern ocean.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in Oceanography, Earth Science, Applied Mathematics, or a related field, and will have experience using numerical simulations to study ocean dynamics.

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), encircling the globe in the Southern Ocean, plays an important role in the global climate system by providing a pathway for the exchange of water between the surface and deep ocean. The ACC is bounded to the north by the Subantarctic Front (SAF), where an important water mass known as Subantarctic Mode Water (SAMW) is formed. SAMW ventilates the Southern Hemisphere thermocline and carries with it significant quantities of various nutrients and anthropogenic CO2. Fronts, such as the SAF, are known to be associated with energetic submesoscales (<10 km). Although submesoscales cannot be resolved in the current generation of climate models, they can affect upper ocean properties by enhancing vertical fluxes and/or restratifying the upper ocean. The objective of this project will be to use a high-resolution ocean model to study submesoscales in the vicinity of the SAF, and their impact on SAMW.

This project is part of a broader programme called Surface MIxed Layer Evolution at Submesoscales (SMILES), funded by the Natural Environment Research Council. The project includes a research expedition to the Southern Ocean with mesoscale and small-scale surveys, and a tracer release experiment. The successful applicant will join the project team, with the principle task of using an ocean model to study submesoscale dynamics near the survey site. Experience working with a community ocean model is greatly desired.

Informal inquiries can be made by contacting Dr. John Taylor,, +44 0 1223 337030, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, CB3 OWA

Applications should include a cover letter, a CV, and a completed form CHRIS 6 Parts I and III (downloadable from with the contact details for two referees. These should be sent electronically to Doris Allen,, no later than 21 September, 2012.

Quote Reference: LE20082, Closing Date: 21 September 2012



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