Pollutant Responses in Marine Organisms (Primo 17)

The 17th Pollutant Responses in Marine Organisms (PRIMO) Congress will be held in the University of Algarve (Faro, Portugal) from 5th to 8th May 2013.
The main objective of this conference is to promote discussions of high scientific quality among a worldwide audience.
Participants of this conference will include a number of prominent experts as well as young researchers in the field of aquatic ecosystems contamination and mechanism of effects of xenobiotics on wildlife. The conference will provide an international and friendly forum for exchanging state-of-the-art information, knowledge sharing, and networking, with focus on xenobiotics, modes of action and relevance to the ecosystems.
The International Symposium series, “Pollutant Responses in Marine Organisms” began in 1981 with a small group of NSF-funded investigators who were addressing questions related to “Chemical Effects and the Health of the Ocean” at a mechanistic level. The first PRIMO Symposium was held in Plymouth, UK, in 1981 with the goal of stimulating international scientific interactions in this area. The success of the first PRIMO meeting led to a second in 1983 in Woods Hole, USA, and then to biennial meetings held alternately in Europe and the United States. Although the word “marine” was used to produce the memorable acronym, the meeting has never distinguished between, and always has included, marine and freshwater organisms. To date, PRIMO meetings have been held in the following locations worldwide which translate the outstanding scientific quality of this international forum.



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