Senior Scientist (GeoMetoc Systems)

This is a position within the NATO C3 Agency (NC3A), an organization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO);

The NC3A serves the Alliance through unbiased application of scientific and technical support, and C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) acquisition expertise;

NC3A is organized in a Directorate and distinct yet interrelated segments: Sponsor Accounts Segment; Core Segment; Production Segment, and; Shared Resources Segment. This post is assigned to the Production Segment, where the responsibility rests for accomplishing the contract deliverables negotiated by the Sponsor Account Segment. NC3A operations are underscored by the organization’s core values and vision to be an essential, one-team contributor to NATO success. The NC3A operates on the basis of sponsor-provided funding, which enhances its product and service focus. The Agency is an innovative and trusted Alliance partner and achieves its short and long-term goals and objectives through the application of strategy-focused organizational principles, to which this post is directly linked;

This post is assigned to the Production Segment, whose mission is to provide, through the Director of Production, the Directors Sponsor Accounts (DSA) and under the guidance of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), services and products to sponsors through successful completion of contracted projects;

Assigned by the Capability Area Team 6 (CAT 6) Chief to perform tasks for relevant Programme and Project Managers, the Principal Scientist participates directly in the planning, co-ordination and execution of Projects in the Agency Programme of Work for Capability Area Team 4 (CAT4) and 6 (CAT6) within the Production Segment of the Agency. This includes projects related to Logistics and Support Services (including Logistics, Movement & Transportation, Medical, Personnel, Financial services); Command & Control Services (including Land C2, Air C2, Integrated C2, Maritime C2, Special Operations Forces, Collaboration Tools); GeoMetoc Services (Including hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic services, GIS Standardization, GIS Data and production); Joint Services (including Incident Management, Common Operational Picture, Joint Targeting, Operational Planning); Emerging Capabilities (including Civil-Military Interaction, Functional Area Services Integration and Missile Defence;

The incumbent will perform individual and team research and undertake the direction of a range of important technical and scientific projects both under support of various Programme and Project Managers and the CAT Chief. This requires the ability to motivate and harmonise the work of assigned staff as well as demonstrate tact and sensitive political awareness as a leader of multinational scientific teams. It further includes co-operating closely with current and potential customers in diverse organizations, as well as assuming direct project leader responsibilities for assigned project tasks.


Under the direction of the Chief, Capability Area Team to whom the incumbent has been assigned, the following duties will be performed:

Maintain personal core competencies in the area of GIS requirements, core services and the overall architectural aspects related to the integration and interoperability of GIS capabilities in the military operation environment. In particular focus should be on competencies related to CIS Architectures, System Design, Requirements Analysis, Geographic Information Services, Relevant Military and Civilian Geo Standards, Relevant Military Geo-requirements, Test Planning, Meteorological and Oceanographic Sciences; Provide guidance to projects on how to go from concept to implementation with a view to maturity of NATO HQs (DOTMLPFI) and technology; Provide a clear link from the operational domain over operational requirements to implementation; Contribute to projects on requirements capture and requirements management in terms of approach, techniques and tools; Provide relevant inputs to the various Agency’s reports through the CAT Management; Stay abreast of technological developments relevant to the area of work; Utilise the Agency Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) to provide up to date and accurate project data; Actively contribute to relevant projects across CATs where GIS Expertise is required; Give briefings and presentations; Be allocated to projects within CAT portfolios; Participate in project management training and certification activities; Performs other duties as may be required. Experience and Education:

A University Degree in Geo-Informatics or Meteorological/Oceanographic Sciences, or another closely related scientific or engineering discipline, preferably equivalent to a Master’s and supplemented by relevant postgraduate qualifications; At least 5 years of experience in: Geographical information systems technology/integration; OGC web-services framework, such as WMS, WFS, WCS and discovery services; GIS standards and specifications such as OGC, ISO, DIGEST; Spatial Database Management Systems concepts and functionalities; Modern GIS technology trends and Commercial Off-the-shelf products. Conceptual understanding of the co-ordinated Meteorological and Oceanographic Support to the NATO Command Structure and Forces; Experience in developing effective and efficient plans, procedures and systems to ensure the provision of coordinated Meteorological and Oceanographic (METOC) support and services to defence operations and missions; Good understanding of the managerial, data and systems aspects of Recognised Environmental Picture (REP) and the Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) operations; Experience with marine, surface, upper-air, satellite and aerial reconnaissance MetOc-data collection in accordance with identified military requirements in the framework of a REA operations; Proven ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing with good briefing skills. Desirable Experience and Education:

A formal qualification in management and management techniques; Knowledge of NATO and National Geo responsibilities and organization; Knowledge of military geographic services and applications and related systems requirements; Hands on experience providing MetOc forecasts and/or Geo support for real world military operations at strategic/operational and tactical levels; Knowledge of GIS prototyping techniques; Knowledge and experience in state-of-the-art technologies, relevant to the work, including information processing and transfer of information; Knowledge of international, commercial/industrial standards for information processing and transfer of information; Ability to work in cross functional teams; Open to new ideas and new ways of doing things; Conversant with NATO policy and procurement procedures; Prior experience of working in an international environment comprising both military and civilian elements; Knowledge of NATO responsibilities and organization, including ACO and ACT. Language Proficiency:

A thorough knowledge of one of the two NATO languages, both written and spoken, is essential and some knowledge of the other is desirable. NOTE: Most of the work of the NATO C3 Agency is conducted in the English language. Competencies or Personal Attributes: The incumbent should possess the personal qualities of tact, judgement and adaptability as well as good political awareness and motivational and listening skills. In addition, a sense of diplomacy and propriety in order to work harmoniously with colleagues and other staff, both civilian and military, from NATO and the NATO nations, as well as with staff from private scientific/industrial organizations is needed. Travel:

Business travel to NATO and national (NATO and non-NATO) facilities as well as frequent travel between the Hague, the Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium offices; May be required to undertake duty travel to operational theatres inside and outside NATO boundaries. Professional Contacts:

The incumbent is responsible for:

Maintaining close contact with the Agency’s Customers to exchange information on funded and approved projects/services; Maintaining a close relationship with the appropriate levels of NATO bodies involved in NATO C4ISR processes; Representing the Agency in assigned NATO committees, steering groups/boards as required; Maintaining contact as required with representatives of industrial organizations within the NATO nations; Liaison as required with national organizations with related role and responsibilities in system implementation and acquisition. Supervisory/Guidance Duties:

The incumbent shall:

Supervise assigned staff to ensure technical standards, project milestones and financial goals are met; Supervise assigned project staff in the project development and implementation of relevant Service, Joint and Combined decision support tools or military functional area C2 applications; Supervise the work of Project teams and ensure delivery of the products assigned to the Team; In co-ordination with other CAT members, ensure interoperability and coherence with relevant applications outside the project domain. Working Environment:

Normal office environment; Occasionally military exercise or operations environment. Security Clearance Level: NATO Secret

Starting Salary and Contract Offer:

Starting basic monthly salary is 6,226.98 Euro and is exempt from income tax. Additional allowances may apply depending on the personal circumstances of the successful candidate. This post is offered for an initial period of 3 years, which may be renewed for subsequent periods, subject to satisfactory performance and the need to rotate skills and talent within the Agency. Serving civilian members of NATO will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations. How to apply:

To apply for this position, you must complete an application form together with Post Requirements Form (quoting reference “A3-CAT6-2011-12-NLD”) and send it to by close of business: Tuesday, 24th July 2012

Interviews are intended to take place in the week of 3rd September 2012.

Candidates who are serving civilian members of NATO are requested to mention their telephone extension in their applications. Applications from serving civilian members of NATO should be made through the candidate’s Head of Service, or through the Human Resources/Personnel Section of the NATO Body, whichever is appropriate.

Applications from candidates who do not meet the required qualifications will not be taken into consideration. Please note that curriculum vitae will not be accepted, unless accompanied by a completed application form and post requirements form. Applications not submitted on the NATO application form will not be taken into consideration. NATO C3 Agency application forms can be downloaded from the internet at



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