COaST Research Fellow

A Research Fellow is required to work within the Coastal Engineering Research Group, part of the School of Marine Science and Engineering at Plymouth University.  The Research Fellow will participate in a new collaborative research project to carry out wave tank testing of marine renewable energy systems in the new COaST Laboratory at Plymouth University and to investigate the construction marine wave/tidal energy converters with advanced composites. You will assist with commissioning tests of the new coastal and ocean wave basin, and of the instrumentation and measurement suite.  You will be involved in the development of conceptual designs of the Wave/Tidal energy converter and design of experiments for performance testing, optimisation and survivability testing, and will then carry out tests of the devices in the wave tanks.

You will work closely with other staff within the Centre responsible for design, simulation and prototyping of the system.

You are expected to conduct cutting edge research that will significantly update knowledge and understanding in performance of marine energy devices, to assist with all the project aims, to contribute to publications in scholarly journals and conference proceedings and to present at national and international meetings.   You must have a good engineering or science degree and a PhD, or equivalent and demonstrable experience, in a relevant discipline.

You must have experience of research relevant to marine renewable energy, specialist knowledge of physical modelling or computational modelling in a relevant area and a record of research publications.

You should have a demonstrably high level of organisational and planning skills and to keep project deadlines. You should have excellent presentation skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to present complex information to a non-specialist audience, and good interpersonal skills.

In addition, you should show the ability to work well under your own initiative and within a team.   Closing date:  12 midnight Thursday 12 July 2012.

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