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PhD candidate ‘Measuring and modeling toxicity to sediment organisms’

We are looking for

a PhD candidate for the project ‘Measuring and modeling toxicity to sediment organisms’.
Aquatic sediments support many ecological functions in aquatic ecosystems but are continuously under stress, partly from toxic chemicals. There are several tests available for investigating the potential long-term effects of substances on sediment-dwelling organisms, such as benthic invertebrates. However, as identified by the European Commission guidance for REACH and by CEFIC-LRI in their ECO17 call, there is a lack of methods for assessing potential effects on microorganisms, macrophytes and animals from different taxonomic groups and for ‘read across’ from freshwater to marine sediment tests. This project aims at improving the risk assessment for contaminants in freshwater and marine sediments by (a) improving test protocols for benthic invertebrates, macrophytes and microorganisms, (b) developing model concepts linking exposure and effects in such tests (c) analyzing data from higher-tier experimental population and/or community studies, (d) developing integrated state of the art exposure and population effect models, (e) providing a tiered risk assessment scheme. Sigue leyendo