Archivo diario: enero 4, 2011

Senior Expert Water Resources Management


For professional reinforcement of our international consultancy activities with focus on capacity building and institutional strengthening we are seeking an experienced water resources management expert.

The applicant should have at least 10 years practical experience in the international consultancy business, good knowledge in the field of geomatics and natural resource mapping are an advantage. The preparedness for short-term and long-term fact finding missions and assignments abroad is an important precondition. Sigue leyendo


Post-Doctoral Position in climate modelling

A postdoctoral scientist is sought for the European Union FP7 funded project SUMO ( The project aims to apply the dynamical systems concept of synchronisation to optimally combine several climate models to create a super climate model that outperforms the individual models. The concept has been successfully demonstrated for the low-order Lorenz model. The challenge for the postdoctoral scientist is to apply this to complex climate models. The work will be guided by theoretical developments in nonlinear dynamical systems and machine learning that will be gained in other parts of the project. Sigue leyendo