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Research Technician

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) was founded in 1903 and incorporated in the State of New York in 1926 as a U.S. 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The institute’s mission is to conduct scientific research and education of the highest quality from the special perspective of a mid-ocean island. Further information about BIOS can be viewed at: Sigue leyendo


Fisheries Observers (Seabirds)

The Fisheries Department has a vacancy for a Scientific Fisheries Observer (Seabirds) to commence work from February 2011 onwards. This post is ideally suited to a Seabird Ecologist as the post holder will be directed to work on seabird interactions with fishing vessels with the aim of reducing seabird mortalities. The post will be largely sea-based (around 160 days at sea per annum), but also includes assisting with the training of other observers to collect seabird interaction data and the collation of relevant datasets for analyses. Sigue leyendo

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International (IODP-MI)

The central management office for the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program is seeking a highly motivated individual with strong communication skills to join our team in the capacity of IODP Science Manager.
Employer: Ippan Shadan Hojin IODP-MI (ISHI), a Japanese subcontractor of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International Inc. (IODP-MI). IODP-MI is a US based nonprofit organization that manages an international scientific research program that conducts Earth investigations by drilling, coring, and monitoring beneath the seafloor ( Sigue leyendo

Research Associate in Marine Geophysics

The postholder will be involved in working with an international team of scientists on the NERC-funded project ‘Late Glacial sea level minima in the western British Isles’. The main function of the post will be the collection, analysis and interpretation of marine geophysical data (seismic stratigraphical and bathymetric data).  (Fixed-term for three years.) Sigue leyendo

Plaza Titulado Superior para empresa AZTI

Es el titulado superior que colabora en el desarrollo de los proyectos de investigación, desarrollo tecnológico y asistencia técnica. Su función principal es la de ejecutar los planes de trabajo definidos por el investigador Jefe de Proyecto o Investigador Senior. Puede asumir, en base a su experiencia y cualificación, la planificación y ejecución de proyectos y servicios contando siempre con la dirección de los mismos por un investigador Jefe de proyecto. Puede colaborar en la definición de estrategias de actuación en su área de especialización y en la búsqueda de nuevos proyectos.

Titulación académica: Licenciado en Ciencias del Mar o Biología (esp.
Marina). Estar en posesión del título de Doctor Sigue leyendo

Three-year post doctoral position open

A three-year post-doctoral position is hereby announced. The successful candidate will carry out near-surface geophysical and geological investigations to unravel the regional differences in vertical movements of the Danish area during the last ~7000 years.

The research will be carried out under the project: “Differential Vertical Movements in the Danish Area: Geophysical and Geological Interpretation of Sealevel Curves for the last 7000 Years”, which is financed by the Danish Natural Science Research Council and will be launched by the beginning of 2011. The post doctoral researcher will carry out integrated ground-penetrating radar and sedimentological interpretation of coastal deposits as well as laboratory analysis of core material taken from nearby lakes to establish relative sea-level curves for different locations in Denmark. Maps of differential vertical movements will be established based on comparison of the different sea-level curves. Sigue leyendo

Research Assistant – Marine Economics

Options for Delivering Ecosystem-based Marine Management
Scottish Agricultural College – Resource Economics & Biodiversity Team

With a range of research, consultancy and education services, the Scottish Agricultural College is not here just to pass on vital skills today, but also to bring innovation to Scotland’s land based industries for tomorrow. Sigue leyendo

1 plaza de Técnico Superior de Actividades Técnicas y Profesionales en el IEO


Código de la plaza: 197

Unidad administrativa: Centro Oceanográfico de Cádiz Sigue leyendo

3 Plazas de Titulado Superior de Actividades Técnicas y Profesionales en el IEO

Proyecto de investigación 1: “NAFO POTENTIAL VULNERABLE MARINE ECOSYSTEMS IMPACTS OF DEEP-SEA FISHERIES” (Encomienda de gestión entre la Dirección General de Recursos Pesqueros y Acuicultura y el Instituto Español de Oceanografía, para el seguimiento de las pesquerías del Atlántico Norte y su impacto en los ecosistemas marinos vulnerables de área NAFO)”. Sigue leyendo

Research Associate: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)

 At Leicester we’re going places. Ranked in the top 12 universities in Britain our aim is to climb further. A commitment to high quality fused with an inclusive academic culture is our hallmark and led the Times Higher Education to describe us as “elite without being elitist”.

An Earth Scientist is required to join an established team engaged in the acquisition and analysis of petrophysical core and borehole measurement data for the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP). Sigue leyendo